The Chorale music program consists of Classical/Opera choir, Pop and Show choir, Concert choir and Jazz Choir.

Rehearsals are after school one day a week, and one morning a week as needed.

There are several choir performances throughout the year.

The focus of the group is to learn proper vocal technique, breath control, and performance techniques.

A history of each type of music, its materials, composers, instruments, terminology, styles and forms will be taught.


The Concert Gospel choir performs a broad repertoire of spirituals, traditional and contemporary gospel music, and formally composed works that reflect the joy, sorrow, reflection and celebration of the rich and varied traditions of African American choral music.

Concert Gospel Choir resonates with the complexity of the Black American experience.


The Classical choir is a community-oriented choral available to all youth who desire to perform oratorios, cantatas, and other major choral works One major choral work is performed each semester in addition to a variety of other choral music, in preparation for concerts in March and September.

We teach the history of Classical/Opera Choir music from the Classic, Romantic, and Contemporary periods.


The Jazz choir will sing traditional and contemporary jazz with original arrangements.

The Jazz choir program includes a survey which explores the evolution and development of jazz - America’s only native musical art form.

The study begins in 1850 with the blending of African, European, Haitian and Creole music and culture in New Orleans, which resulted in the creation of blues and improvisation.

Study continues with development of jazz in Chicago, Kansas City, New York and Los Angeles.

The course introduces the study of Blues, Dixieland, Big Band, Bop, Cool, hard Bop, free and fusion.


The Pop and Show choir is open to students who enjoy singing.

Students are exposed to a varied selection of music ranging from R & B, Hip Hop, and theatrical to pop.

In addition, students learn to incorporate movement, dance and rhythm into the program.


vocal coach

Private or group instruction is offered with one one-hour lesson per week for sixteen weeks.

The course is intended for beginning to intermediate students, and helps high school students or students desiring to improve their performance skills for reasons of personal enrichment.

Students are expected to practice a minimum of six hours per week, perform on a minimum of one student recital each semester, and take a mid-term test.


Elements of Conducting is a hands on class designed to develop the basic techniques for conducting choirs and vocal ensembles during choir rehearsal.

This class will provide the opportunity for students to acquire a basic baton technique, understanding of rehearsal techniques, introduction to score reading, and practical knowledge through working with the various chorale music rehearsals.


This course will provide a basic background in percussion techniques for beginning to intermediate students.

Students must provide their own sticks, mallets, pitch pipe, and appropriate carrying bag as recommended by the instructor.


piano lessons

Piano classes match each student’s current ability within the group.

Lessons are taught in both English and Spanish.

Students desiring to improve their performance skills for reasons of personal enrichment or begin a career in music will benefit from this class.

Students are expected to practice a minimum of six hours per week.

Students will study of the rudiments of music including notation, scales, intervals, chords, terminology, sight reading, dictation and ear training.


violin classes

Violin classes in English are offered one-on-one in half hour slots according to the student’s level.

No prior experience is necessary.

A few violins are available for use. Students may bring their own instrument to class.

Homework will be assigned and students are expected to practice a few times per week.

Interested students can perform in upcoming concerts.


guitar lessons

This course will provide a basic background in guitar techniques for beginning to intermediate students.

Lessons are taught in both English and Spanish.

Students must provide their own instrument and appropriate carrying bag or case.


Dance Programs include Children’s Dance, Ballet, and Modern Dance, Theatrical Dance (Jazz, Tap,) as well as dance exercise classes.


jazz band

The band will consist of 2-5 Trumpets, 2-4 Trombones, a Bass Trombone, 1 or 2 Alto Saxes, 1 or 2 Tenor Saxes, a Baritone Sax, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, and a Vibraphone.

The Jazz band will attend competitions, and perform concerts.

In order to have a seamless curriculum to complement the chorale music program the jazz band will also do a survey which explores the evolution and development of jazz.

Please see the Jazz Choir description for more information.



After School Music Recitals:

The individual teachers are encouraged to plan at least one recital or performance opportunity per semester.

Parents and families of students are invited to come enjoy the recitals and see the progress their children are making.

Choir Anniversary concerts:

performance 2005

The Choir will prepare at least 8 songs to reflect on their Heritage of service to the San Diego community.

This concert gives students an opportunity to pay tribute to program volunteers, and supporters as well as introduce other community youth and children’s groups to SDYAMA's programs.

The Choir Anniversary concerts showcase SDYAMA’s positive influence in the community.

Youth Summer Jam and Workshop (recruitment efforts):

summer jam

SDYAMA will present an all day workshop that concludes with an evening concert.

The workshop classes will include something for the entire family.

Classes such as beginning piano, choir movement, home buying seminars for adults, stage presence, vocal health, healthy eating, and finding your roots (genealogy) will be taught.

vocal coaching

A free lunch will be served in the middle of the day.

The combined community youth and children’s rehearsal will begin at 1:00 in afternoon and conclude at 4:00pm.

The evening concert will showcase the youth and children choirs. The choirs will sing combined songs and invite other community local artists to join in.

The goal of this event is to recruit at least 150 youth and children to the School of Choirs until we reach an enrollment up to 300.

SDYAMA Performances 2006

del mar fair 2006

San Diego County Fair 2006: Opening Act for Cece Winans

del mar fair 2006

MADA Children Choir San Diego County Fair 2006